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Nick Hook, Lao, Yoga Fire- The Crystal

by Nick Hook

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The Crystal – Nick Hook, Lao + Yoga Fire

Born July 21 2018.

When I first got to Mexico, Lao put me on to everything that was going on in Mexico as far as new rap. It blew my mind in one second.

A$ap Ferg was doing a show in CDMX and pulled a person out of the crowd to freestyle. The first guy got booed off the stage, and then he pulled Yoga Fire up. Yoga bodied it, like to another level, and they even gave him another verse – you can watch it here. I told Lao we had to work with him.

Yoga is a superhero, from another planet. We had a great session. He gave us gold.

One night we had a late meal at this Korean spot in Condesa and somehow we got to the fact that Yoga grew up on Company Flow, Camu Tao (RIP) and El-P. In other words, my family. A friendship was born.

Yoga owns a barbershop in El Centro. I finally made it down there to get a cut one day and not much later we ended up at the Homegrown studio. We played each other all of our stuff and some demos, and he asked me to mix and do some co-production on his upcoming album.

In February 2019, Yoga came to NYC for the first time and we mixed his album ‘Lazaro’ in my studio. Magical barely even describes it. We laughed together. We cried together. We finished together.

We shot the video for ‘The Crystal’ in a pool hall in El Centro late one night. If you wanna know how it went check my Airbnb review. He even decided to put me in the video for his track ‘D’calle’.

We got a million more tracks coming, but keep an eye out for a remix we did for Run The Jewels alongside Dee + Danny Brasco.


No maten el mood
Tamos Coolin
Tenemos pa
Pedir all nite

Busca la molly
Su religión es el party
Viene de Cali
Es hija de papi
Quiere perico de Cali
Uhh yah
Muévelo mami
Hay que pagar el punani
Pa eso es el money
Nada de gratis
Y ya uhh
Hay que pagar el punani
Pa eso es el money
Pa eso es money

Aquí todo el pack
Joven rockstar el orgullo del block
Somos los duros gyal
Otros no pueden e frontear
Un chingo de floss
Un chingo de hoes
No soy santa clos
Intocable como un ghost
Cómo NAAFI tengo Sauce

Soy de lo que no hay
Como swae lee yo lo tengo type
Mm yeh no le creas al hype
Casi todo lo que se dice de mi son líes
Max b a la Mexican rey
Porque como el Durag estoy haciendo waves eyyyyygg
Dale mami do dat thing
Que tenemos drogas como para un rave eyyyyyy

Quiere conecte pues llámame
X 5

Muerte en la pista
Mataron el mood
Yeah huh
Pero tamo a full
Somo bulletproof
Tiene toa la cara azul
De tanto fifi
Se pone Freaky
Perras , bottles
Tamo al mil g
Ponme a weezy
La de a milli
Esto es fácil
Como andar en bici.

Tengo el plug
Wa a llamar
Kl k hay
Cuanto tiempo
En dónde está
Cuantas quieres
Cuanto traes

Don’t kill the mood
We’ve been coolling
We got enough to ask for it
All nite

She’s lookin for molly
Her religion it’s to party
She’s from Cali (California )
It’s daddy’s girl
She wants coke from Cali ( Colombia)
Uh yah
Shake it mami
We had to pay for punani
That’s why money was made
Nothing it’s for free
That’s why money was made for
That’s why money was made for

I’m the whole pack
We the hardest out gyal
Others can’t front
A lotta floss
A lotta ho’s
I’m not Santa Claus
Untouchable as a ghost
As NAAFI I got the sauce

I’m one of a kind
Like swae lee , i got no type
Mm yeh
Don’t believe the hype
Almost everything they said about me are lies
Max B , the Mexican way
Cause like a du-rag, I’m creating waves
Cmon mami do your thing
We have have enough drugs to fill a rave

Do you need a plug just call me X 5

Murder on the dance floor
They kill the mood
But we stay full
We are bulletproof
You got your face all blue
Because the fifi (coke)
She gets freaky
Bitches , bottles
We on a spread G
Put some weezy (Lil wayne)
Maybe “a milli”
Shit’s easy
Like riding a bike

I got the plug
I’m gonna call
Klk( whats up?)
Klk( whats good?)
How much for it ?
Where you are ?
How much do you need ?
How much do you got ?


released March 26, 2021
Written, Produced, Engineered, and Mixed by Yoga Fire, Lao, Nick Hook
Mastered by Joe Laporta @ Sterling Sound


all rights reserved



Nick Hook New York, New York


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